Tape Insulation and Tape Jacketing

Tape Insulation and Tape Jacketing

In the realm of cable protection, insulation and jacketing play pivotal roles, offering both mechanical fortification and electrical safeguarding. Deciphering the right materials for these layers is a consequential endeavor.


Insulation: Extruded Vs. Tape

Extruded and tape insulation represent the primary methods of application, each with distinct merits and demerits to consider for optimal cable performance.


Extruded Insulation:

Extruded insulation, more cost-effective and easier to apply than tape counterparts, boasts lighter weight, reduced flammability, and simpler repairability.


Tape Insulation:

Tape insulation, often earmarked for high-performance scenarios, demands meticulous wrapping and fusion processes, rendering it pricier but indispensable for rugged environments.


Types of Tape Jackets and Insulation

Diverse material options are available for tape jackets and insulation, each offering unique benefits tailored to specific requirements.


Mylar Tape:

Renowned for its robust tensile strength and durability, Mylar tape serves as effective cable insulation, withstanding temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius.


Aluminum Mylar:

Comprising aluminum foil laminated with polyester film, this tape offers heat and light reflection alongside chemical and flame resistance.


PTFE Tape:

Recognized for its wide temperature range, low dissipation, and flame resistance, PTFE tape undergoes heat-sintering for enhanced performance.


Polyester Tape:

While not typically primary insulation, polyester tape serves as shield isolation and insulation protection, bolstering cable mechanical strength.


Kapton Tape:

Boasting mechanical toughness and a vast operating temperature range, Kapton tape fortifies cables against abrasion, weather, and chemical degradation.


TFE Tape:

Renowned for its extreme resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and heat, TFE tape excels in high-temperature environments, meeting stringent Mil-Spec standards.


Mica Tape:

A composite tape with glass scrim backing, Mica tape offers exceptional insulation properties, resilience to moisture, radiation, and thermal overloads, withstanding temperatures up to 450 degrees Celsius.


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