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Thermoplastic Insulation


Innovative Thermoplastic Insulation at Azmat Cables Industries

Introduction to Thermoplastics:

Thermoplastics serve as the primary materials for insulating electric cables, ensuring safety and efficiency in electrical systems. Among them, PVC stands out as the most commonly utilized thermoplastic due to its versatile properties.

In-House PVC Manufacturing:

Azmat Cables takes pride in its in-house PVC manufacturing process, employing virgin resin and imported lead-free stabilizers alongside premium-grade components. This meticulous approach ensures the production of high-quality PVC tailored to various applications, including automotive, domestic, and flexible cables.

Diverse PVC Offerings:

Our PVC lineup encompasses a spectrum of formulations, including 85-degree PVC for automotive and domestic cables, as well as GT4 PVC designed for flexible cable applications. Furthermore, we offer specialized 105-degree PVC for high-temperature resistance, catering to diverse industry needs.

Beyond PVC:

Exploring Thermoplastic Varieties: Apart from PVC, Azmat Cables harnesses other thermoplastics such as XLPE, XLPO, and EVA. The selection of thermoplastic material is carefully curated based on cable type, application requirements, and adherence to industry standards.

Comprehensive Solutions for Varied Applications:

With a comprehensive range of thermoplastic options, Azmat Cables ensures that each cable produced meets stringent quality standards while offering optimal performance and reliability across a wide spectrum of applications.

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