RG-59 Coaxial Cable + Power for CCTV

 9,000  8,100

90 Meter CoilLow Smoke

  • Professional quality cable for use with CCTV camera systems
  • Transmits both data and power
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Supplied on wooden reels for easy storage and installation
  • Each coil contains 305m of 20 AWG RG-59 video cable with a DC dual-core power cable
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RG-59 Coaxial Cable + Power for CCTV

RG-59 cable is a heavily shielded cable which contains an RG-59 Coaxial cable for video and pair of 18 gauge 2 conductor power wires in one jacket. The advantages to using RG-59 cable for CCTV camera installation is that it is more durable than most pre-made camera cables and can be run in long distances without interference.

Our CCTV cable powers cameras effectively as well as transmitting data to a storage centre or control room. By combining both functions in a single cable, it makes it easier to install and maintain a CCTV system. Cameras can be powered and operated from a single central location and cabling is unobtrusive.

Designed to be use indoors or outdoors, the CCTV cable is ideal for monitoring systems in houses, businesses, schools or public areas. As each reel contains a single 305 meters length of cable, it can be used to connect a single distant camera or multiple closer ones.

What’s included in the package?

In the package, you’ll find a coil of RG-59 cable for CCTV, spanning 90 meters in length.  It’s carefully packed in a cardboard box and wrapped with poly-bag material to prevent damage during transport.

Additional Information:

Cable Type Coaxial Cable
Colors White
Standard Packing Length 90 meters (Custom Packing Available)
Application Commonly used in Testing Equipment and CATV System
Cable Shape Round
Country of Origin  Pakistan
Diameter of Inner Conductor 0.81 mm
Material of Dielectric Foam PE
Diameter of Dielectric 3.70 mm
Material of Shield Copper Shield
Material of Jacket PVC or PE
Diameter of Jacket 11.5 mm x 6.00 mm
Conductor Type نحاس
Conductor Purity 99.9%


1 Mhz 1.80 dB/100 m
5 Mhz 3.90 dB/100 m
10 Mhz 4.80 dB/100 m
20 Mhz 7.10 dB/100 m
50 Mhz 11.00 dB/100 m
100 Mhz 15.20 dB/100 m


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