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Quality Control Laboratory

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Quality Control Equipments

Azmat Cables Industries is renowned for upholding an exceptionally advanced Quality Control Laboratory, reflecting our unwavering commitment to delivering superior quality wires and cables to our customers. Our motto, “POWER YOUR WORLD, ONE WIRE AT A TIME,” underscores our dedication to empowering our clients with reliable and high-performance solutions.

1. Digital Ohm LCR METER IM3523 (Hioki), Japan

Ensures accurate measurement of cable resistance to verify compliance with standards.

2. Weight Balancing (Tamata Corporation), Taiwan

Provides precise weighing of cable samples for quality assessment.

3. Megger (500 V DC) (Berlin), Germany

 Tests insulation resistance to identify potential faults in cables.

4. Electric Oven (250°C) (Gallerkamp), England

 Conducts heat aging tests to assess cable performance under elevated temperatures.

5. Tensile Strength & Elongation, England

Measures cable tensile strength and elongation to ensure adherence to strength requirements.

6. Co-Ohm Meter (Goodwill Instruments Model GOM), Taiwan

Determines cable resistance and conductance for quality evaluation.

7. Deep Freezer, Pakistan

Conducts cold temperature tests to evaluate cable performance under extreme conditions.

8. Digital Micrometer (1 to 0.0001), Japan

Measures cable diameter with high precision to ensure consistency in manufacturing.

9. Spark Tester, Holland

Detects insulation faults by applying high voltage to cables.

10. High Voltage Tester (GW-5KV), Taiwan

Applies high voltage to cables for testing insulation integrity.

11. Desiccator (6" Wheel Brand Beijing), China

Used for moisture testing to prevent moisture-related issues in cables.

12. Desiccator (8" Wheel Brand Beijing), China

Larger capacity desiccator for testing multiple or larger cable samples.

13. Desiccator (12" Wheel Brand Beijing), China

Further increases desiccation capacity for larger-scale testing requirements.

14. Beaker (500mm), Italy

Used for various purposes including sample collection and solution mixing.

15. Cylinder (300mm), Italy

Precisely measures liquid volumes for test solution preparation.

16. Magnifying Glass (75 mm Diameter), Japan

Inspects cable surfaces for defects or irregularities with enhanced magnification.

17. Emletion Rod (1000 Watt - 220V AC), Pakistan

Utilized for conditioning cable samples before testing or treatment processes.

18. Water Tank (25 Gallons), Pakistan

Provides water for various testing procedures, such as immersion tests.

19. Dumbbell Making, Pakistan

Manufactures dumbbell-shaped samples for tensile strength testing.

20. Vernier Caliper (mm), Japan

Measures cable dimensions accurately for quality control purposes.

21. Micrometer (mm), Japan

Provides precise measurement of cable diameters for quality assessment.

22. Kelvin Bridge (For DC Resistance), England

Measures cable resistance accurately for quality control checks.

23. Microscope, Germany

Allows detailed inspection of cable components and structures for quality evaluation.

Additional Quality Control Equipment:

24. Voltage Tester

Verifies cable withstands specified voltage without breakdown.

25. Insulation Resistance Tester

Measures insulation resistance to meet standards.

26. Dielectric Strength Tester

Checks insulation ability to withstand voltage.

27. Continuity Tester

Ensures no breaks or interruptions in conductors.

28. High-Potential (Hipot) Tester

Applies high voltage to check insulation integrity.

29. Resistance Meter

Measures conductor resistance to meet specifications.

30. Cable Length Measurement Equipment

Ensures cables cut to correct length.

31. Thickness Gauge

Measures insulation and sheathing thickness.

32. Tensile Testing Machine

Determines cable tensile strength.

33. Abrasion Tester

Evaluates cable outer covering resistance to abrasion.

34. Bending Tester

Tests cable flexibility with repeated bending cycles.

35. Environmental Test Chamber

Exposes cables to extreme conditions for performance assessment.

36. Flame Test Equipment

Determines cable material flame retardancy.

37. Color Matching Equipment

Ensures color consistency in cable production.

38. X-ray Inspection System

Detects internal defects in cables non-destructively.

39. Spectrophotometer

Measures cable material optical properties.

40. Ultrasonic Testing Equipment

Detects internal cable flaws using ultrasonic waves.

41. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Test Equipment

Evaluates cable performance regarding electromagnetic interference.

42. Data Logging and Analysis Software

Collects and analyzes quality control test data.

43. Calibration Equipment

Regularly calibrates testing equipment for accuracy.

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