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  • Pakistan: No.1 Cable
  • Top Rated: 1976

Solar Cables

Ozone ResistantMechanical ProtectionChemical ResistantAbrasion ResistantOil ResistantWater ResistantUV ProtectionLow Smoke Zero Halogen

Photovoltaic (PV) cables, also known as solar cables, are specifically designed to interconnect solar panels and other components of photovoltaic systems. These cables are built to withstand outdoor environmental conditions, UV radiation, and high temperatures typically encountered in solar installations. They play a crucial role in efficiently transmitting solar energy from panels to inverters and ultimately to the electrical grid or storage system.

Photovoltaic (PV) cables, especially those featuring tinned XLPO/XLPO (cross-linked polyolefin) insulation, offer enhanced durability and performance. The tinned conductors provide superior resistance to corrosion, ensuring long-term reliability even in harsh environments. The XLPO insulation provides excellent electrical properties, thermal stability, and resistance to mechanical damage, making these cables an ideal choice for modern solar power systems.

  • Interconnecting solar panels within photovoltaic arrays.

  • Connecting solar panels to inverters.

  • Connecting to battery storage systems.

  • Connecting solar panels to batteries in off-grid systems

  • Providing reliable power transmission in outdoor and harsh environments.

These cables are utilized in various applications, including:
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