7/.029″ (2.5 mm² Single Core Copper/Std)

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90 Meter CoilLow Smoke

Reduce your electricity bill with Azmat Cables. Our 7/0.029″ cable offers efficient power solutions for low-voltage applications in homes, offices, and commercial buildings and UPS supply wiring. Manufactured to the highest standards with PVC insulation, it ensures minimal electrical resistance, long service life, and easy installation. Ideal for fixed installations, this cable is designed to deliver reliable performance and cost savings.

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7/.029″ Cu/PVC 250/440 V Electric Cable

Reduce your electricity bill with Azmat Cables, delivering efficient & cost-effective power solutions for your property.

Azmat Cables proudly presents its 7/0.029″ electric cable, crafted to meet the esteemed British Standard 2004, tailored for various low-voltage requirements in homes, offices, and commercial spaces.

Why Quality Matters:

Choosing a high-quality cable is crucial, as inferior ones can damage equipment and lead to inflated electricity bills due to excess heat and energy loss. Our 7/0.029″ cable is manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Rigorous Testing:

Each cable undergoes rigorous testing by PCSIR and UET laboratories, in addition to our routine in-house tests. Our experienced production staff ensures quality procedures are followed meticulously, guaranteeing a top-notch product.

Pure Copper Conductor:

Our cables feature a 99.9% pure copper conductor, minimizing electrical resistance and ensuring smooth current flow without excessive heat generation. Twisted strands further enhance safety by reducing the risk of short circuits.

Durable PVC Insulation:

Insulated with PVC material, our cables offer excellent electrical properties, resistance to short circuits, and a service life of 30 years or more. They are easy to install, operate, and maintain, making them ideal for fixed installations.

What’s included in the package?

Each package contains a 90-meter coil of 7/0.029″ cable in your specified color (Red, Black, Green, Yellow, Blue, or White). The coil is securely packed in a cardboard box and wrapped with poly-bag wrap to minimize damage during transport.


Widely used in homes, offices, and buildings, our cable is essential for room mains and UPS supply wiring. Ensuring an uninterrupted flow of current and stable voltage, it ultimately leads to lower electricity bills and optimal performance of equipment, devices, and appliances.

Additional Information:

Cable Identification Stamp 7/0.029″ S/C CU/PVC 250/440 V AZMAT CABLES
Cable Type General Wiring Cable
Cores Single Core (Multi Core Available on Demand)
Standard Weight 3.66 kg
Colors Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, White
Standard Packing Length 90 meters (Custom Packing Available)
Conductor Class Stranded (Multi-Strand Twisted Copper)
Cable Life Usually 30 Years or more
Application House, office, commercial or industrial Electrical wiring.
Cable Shape Round (or Flat in 2 Core Cables)
Country of Origin Pakistan
Nearest Metric Size 2.5 mm² Std.
No. of Strands 7
Single Strand Diameter 0.90 mm
Conductor Type نحاس
Conductor Purity 99.9%
Insulation Type PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
Insulation Thickness 0.90 mm
Standard Cable Diameter 4.01 mm
Applicable Standard(s) BS 3360 & BS 2004
Temperature Rating -20° C to 70° C
DC Resistance 6.01 OHM/KM at 20° C
Voltage Rating 250/440 V
Ampere Rating 20 Amps (estimated, may differ significantly according to circumstances)

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Black, Red, White, Blue, Green, Yellow

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  1. ALi Jan

    Azmat Cables’ 7/29 electric cable has been a lifesaver for our household! It’s incredibly reliable and has ensured uninterrupted electricity flow.

  2. Ayesha Ahmad

    Switching to Azmat Cables’ 7/29 electric wire was the best decision we made. It’s sturdy, efficient, and has noticeably reduced our electricity expenses.

  3. Saeed Maqbool

    We’ve been impressed by the performance of Azmat Cables’ 7/29 electrical cable. It’s durable, efficient, and has enhanced the functionality of all our appliances.

  4. Faheem Asif

    Azmat Cables’ 7/29 electric wire has made a significant difference in our office setup. It’s dependable, easy to install, and has helped stabilize our energy costs.

  5. Hasaan Kambo

    The durability of Azmat Cables’ 7/29 electric cable is commendable. It’s a reliable solution for commercial buildings, effectively reducing energy consumption.

  6. Sarmad Ali

    We’re pleased with the quality of Azmat Cables’ 7/29 electric wire. It’s robust, dependable, and has contributed to noticeable savings on our electricity bills.

  7. Shokat Ali

    Azmat Cables’ 7/29 electric cable has exceeded our expectations. It’s sturdy, long-lasting, and offers great value for money.

  8. Asim haroon

    Using Azmat Cables’ 7/29 electrical wire has been a game-changer for our home. It’s efficient, easy to handle, and has led to significant savings on our electricity bills.

  9. Bilal Ali

    We rely on Azmat Cables’ 7/29 electric cable for our building’s electrical needs. It’s dependable, efficient, and has improved overall performance.

  10. Haseeb Jalal

    Azmat Cables’ 7/29 electric wire has been a reliable choice for our electrical system. It’s durable, efficient, and has provided peace of mind.

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